written by cjay roughgarden ©2015




“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

(Howard Thurman)


Once a person has touched their creative center they begin to ripple out change to the world around them. Whether painful or rapturous, the change is rarely reversed once initiated. A great hunger is born that can only be fed with more experience of the deeper self, until the well is tapped and the flow is continuous.



So many live their lives in constant thirst for true connection, or transcendence. As a society, we have become so accustomed to the absence of real meaning that we glumly think of the next stimulating purchase, the next piece of information or entertainment to consume, the next place we can meet friends to do something, something that gives us a sip but doesn’t quench our thirst, as we have capacity and desire for so much more than we usually get.


Numbed by the crises of the world and the disconnection of our lives from each other, the opportunity to touch and be touched slips farther away from possibility. Meanwhile we see the world slip farther into chaos and self-destruction and we wonder: “What can I do?” The environment is being destroyed, the sick and poor find less help and more hostility than before. Communities are tattered remnants of a time when people knew each other’s names and relied on their neighbors for help.


Many people even fight for these causes, having never actually experienced the healthy expression of the things they wish to create. Never having experienced wholeness itself yet seeking to deliver it, fragmentary efforts of “doing good” often achieve little. The person keeps fighting, while sinking farther from the web of interconnected being they wish for.



It is the nurturing of the inner being that builds the strength, the knowing, and the wisdom to begin to heal the outer. Whole people can create a whole world. Fragmented people will unknowingly recreate the same patterns they wish to end, not able to see what they are doing, even despite their good intentions.


Our environment cannot be other than a reflection of our internal experience. If people can find a way to access their source, and the creative power of the infinite, their world will be profoundly changed as their own sense of being is transformed and charged. We can begin to truly know each other as we truly know ourselves, and from there our desire to make a better planet can begin to take root.