written by phaedranajones ©2014

all quotes from an interview on creativity with PHADROID





It is as if one dialogue carried out on stage burst into a multitude of dialogues the moment it was witnessed.



Creativity to any artist is a life-long pursuit that may in its due course serve as a tangible reminder of what is real in us all – to all those who witness and thereby participate in it.


Most in our society today do not or simply cannot choose to devote the time or space to carve something out of the unknown for years on end. It is, partly, why art is made available to the public.



For a large portion of my journey through life the creative process was executed within a container of solitude. Yet the act of creation, or the moment of the act of creation, is the most exhilarating part of the entire process. A finished painting is only a shadow born from the light of that experience.


I was drawn toward the realm of performance art, and that of live painting, because it allowed for a platform where I could share this moment of creation with a larger group of people… to step into that intangible realm together with them.



As artists on stage enter that place where creation happens, those who are present to witness it may, for a moment or longer, by reflection find that place within themselves. A complete immersion of the senses turns off the interrogative faculty of the mind; the latent potential or understanding that is thereby touched, felt, seen or experienced may in turn stay with members of the audience forged into their memory as a possibility. It is like finding a new internal point of reference.



Any discipline at its best may allow a witnessing of one’s purest potential as unnecessary and stagnant boundaries of fear, doubt, insecurity, etc. dissolve away even if only for a moment of time. One might say that which is merely ‘an illusion’ is seen through. As if you could walk through the thick walls of negative experiences, society’s or your own conditionings, expectations or projections, as if those seemingly impenetrable walls were not even there, as if this ‘potential’ was already a living, breathing, tangible realm ever since you were born.  



Audience members consistently report deeply personal experiences during PHADROID performances that they say inspired positive or unforgettable change within them. People do not remain faithful for years without reason and such testimonies served us immensely as reminders that this expression was more than what we knew ourselves to be. As much as it is an honor, it is not something that ‘we create’ or are here to explain. As any original work of art, it, at its best comes and works from beyond the mind that would attempt to comprehend it.



It’s the trailer of our movie. A pointer reminding us of what is possible, or what is more real, so we begin looking at the ground beneath our feet, elevating it inch by inch, step by step, until one day we naturally arrive at the panorama, and then we can always see the panorama.