digital art /art education


Android Jones is at the forefront of the visionary art movement, a wave of artists who emphasize creativity as the foundation of consciousness and an agent of social change. As a digital alchemist, Android builds on the technical developments of past centuries in art history while pushing the boundaries of imagination with new technologies and media forms.


Moving beyond the traditional technologies of pencils, ink, and brushes, Android develops latent possibilities within software programs such as Painter, Photoshop, Z-Brush, and Alchemy, discovering new combinations and uses for tools that exceed the original intentions of their programmers.


Android began his artistic career as a portrait artist and after graduating from art school at the Ringling College of Art & Design; he became a concept artist for George Lucas’ Industrial Lights and Magic. In 2003 he co-founded Massive Black, a company providing quality art, illustration, animation and 3D assets. As an experience designer Android contributed to building communities through and and by building art installations for festival stages throughout the world.


Android creates digital images using a sizable custom-built Wacom tablet. However, his true medium of art is the mind; he takes the electrical impulses of creativity and imagination and translates them directly into an interface powered by electric light. While performing PHADROID he incorporates elements of technology and intuition, inviting synchronicities that additionally exceed the individual artists’ intentions and allow for unscripted moments of beauty to shine through.


Viewing the digital domain as a medium of energy and light capable of expanding the nature of reality, Android’s art encourages others to explore the potential interfaces of mind and machine in this time of accelerating change and increasing novelty.


Over the years he has continued as an accomplished art educator through a series of events, workshops and on-line video tutorials in order to inspire and contribute to a budding new culture of digital artists throughout the world, as well as to encapsulate and raise awareness of a new global culture silently emerging on this planet as a possibility.