PHADROID is not the dancer or the visual artist. It comes somewhere in-between squeezing through the cracks between worlds or two beings or more. What exactly happens no one knows yet we are all witnesses to it.


The abstraction or impersonal nature of the mask provides a blank surface for the audience’s reflective experience; for the visual artist’s projections; for the performer to dissolve into.


PHADROID is artists collaboratively exploring the ability to move out of the way of something larger than themselves or the sum of their parts.






phaedra’: is an ancient Greek name meaning “the bright, the shiny one”; it is related to a verb that means “to shine light on”

from the Greek root “man” and the suffix -oid; “having the form or likeness of”; it is the appearance of a man with the heart of a machine; a seamless synthesis of the human condition and technology



a spontaneous fusion of the organic and the inorganic through the live vessel of a human body and that of electric light; a merging of two beings, two disciplines, one purpose, giving way to a third to appear


               an acceptance in a single breath of both transience and eternity




syn-aes-the-sia‘: a condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another; as, for example, when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color