quote on side from an interview on creativity with PHADROID



In a world alienated from community, billions merely surviving life in sealed off boxes on concrete, in relevant categories and nuclear families; there is an unpronounced innate need for the communal experience around a common purpose.


All people carry a yearning for collective experiences encoded in our cellular system. Such moments of connection subconsciously remind us, that despite appearances we are not alone. Our ancestors danced and played music around the fire in honor of that higher power of the collective presence they together embodied.


Yet in today’s world art for many has become reduced to movie theaters or iPods, which by definition rule out the live presence of artists – and thereby the power of a collectively lived experience.



The creative mindset in every way demands expansion so it may endeavor to grow beyond itself.



It is apparent that as our world becomes increasingly more digitized, we become more separated from one another and thereby from ourselves. In order to give back to people a sense of true connection it may be imperative to reignite the power of live art – as well as to stretch the boundaries between artists and the public.


Establishing a solid creative core of highly talented individuals based on unfolding inner potential and connectivity may allow for this possibility to concentrically ripple out into the audience and thereby into the world.