All people carry a yearning for collective experiences encoded in our cellular system.



At the core PHADROID consists of one dancer and one digital artist. Through our COLLECTIVE we expand into an extensive network of accomplished artists in all related disciplines nationally and internationally.


A visual artist is assigned to each performer on stage; musicians are set up on stage or near the stage. Behind the scenes we work with tech experts, lighting designers, set/costume designers, as well as creative documentation.


Technical expertise is only one aspect of this work. Collaborators are chosen based on their original expression/idea/technology; as well as their interconnectivity to the rest of the team.


All artists in collaboration with PHADROID become an integral part of the creative process before, as well as throughout each performance.






PHADROID delivers an experience that is unique to the artists who create it by way of a given creative framework.


We do not use any motion-tracking devices. The synchronicity witnessed by our audience is built on the underlying connection between the collaborating artists.


It is not by any means an act or piece of technology to be tagged on as additional background imagery. We thank you for your kind understanding in this matter and apologize for any inconvenience.