all quotes on side from an interview on creativity with PHADROID







The day PHADROID first appeared it was as if something had exploded and shot out into a trillion new directions all at once and we were the moment as it all converged. Etched into our minds forever, it was like an invisible conception.  



In order for PHADROID as a container to expand itself and carry an ever more expansive reflective surface it appeared to be a natural first step to call in artists from multiple disciplines who have come to allow creativity to define and continuously redefine itself through their work.



  It works according to its own logic and purpose and those involved in making this kind of art do not ultimately credit themselves for the products of their creative expression.



Expression of this form is its own entity – though as soon as we begin to look for it, it disappears. It doesn’t like to be documented either. It can only ever be experienced; and I am still challenged to believe it, except for when it is actually happening of course.  



Artists who forever keep pushing the boundaries of what they know will go about exploring what they do not know in their own way and in complete solitude. They sense something that inconveniently defies all definition, as it has no definition yet; persistently pushing through potentially never-ending obscure passageways of not knowing, for only through not knowing may we begin to access that place beyond knowing.



Perseverance combined with focused, disciplined work in literally any direction will assist one in sweeping off particles of dust that obscure our sight. Dusting the slate clean it is not in any way personal any more. Art of any form that is in any way universal comes from this place; and it reaches out to people directly.



Through the act of witnessing members of the audience for moments or longer may directly experience where performers go as they step outside of themselves to become an empty canvas. It may for an extended moment touch and connect all those present as it is present in all.



The right foundation, production and direction that holds space for this may exponentially expand the potential of this opening through a collectively held vision. We called upon artists from multiple disciplines within the arts and technology; as well as multiple cultures and subcultures, including indigenous cultures.



PHADROID COLLECTIVE is the expansion of its well-established performance model into a creative multidisciplinary venture that connects, across the globe, creative artists and technological innovators to, as a collective, inspire the public domain and harness this momentum to discover unchartered territory.


Our purpose is to ceaselessly explore and re-interpret innovative tools and technologies; to offer our audiences a complete immersion of the senses that leaves no place for doubt; a highly concentrated experience that works through multiple layers simultaneously; a collective suspension of disbelief reaching out to all age groups as it is accessible as well as relevant to all.